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Incidentally, I just noticed that Harper first wore that outfit at 12 months, thereby disproving my theory that clothes barely last a couple months.

Background music is “Animal Crackers” by the Wee Hairy Beasties on the Animal Playground CD produced by Putumayo Kids.


We usually reserve liquids for a cup, open top in small amounts, or if in large amounts, in a cup with a lid and straw. But we figured we had to show them how to eat cereal from a bowl at some point, so why not Sunday afternoon after-the-nap snack?

Most days, the kids begin stirring between 6:15 and 7:00. I love those days because I get to see them before I leave for work. While Jennifer prepares their breakfast, I go downstairs to get their diapers changed, get them dressed, and upstairs to eat.

Which means I’m usually sweating before I even leave for the office.

Here in the days of this sixteenth month, with favorite words abounding, I am witness to some cute and tender moments in our morning routine and finally took the camera down to record them.

Were it not for our six year refusal to patronage Wal-Mart, and were it not for those pesky child-labor laws, what with Mateo’s new favorite word of “Helll-OOOOOO!!!” we might have put him to work as a greeter.

Our dining table is a sore subject, primarily because things get stacked on it that shouldn’t be. Like the camera, mail, kid swimsuits. And ASL flashcards that we purchased for ourselves so we could learn and then teach the kids. One day, one of the kids saw the boxes and asked for “more”. And now, we can’t serve them a meal without doing sign language flashcards at the table. BUT HOW CUTE ARE THEY SIGNING?

Part I: Cowboy Mateo relaxed in the saddle, loose shoulders and elbows.

Transition: about 9 seconds in, you know something is coming when he alerts “uh oh”.

Part II: Harper pulling an Obi-Wan Kenobi Force on him, removing a melting-down Mateo from the horse without ever saying a word or barely even touching.

Mateo’s head-butt moves reminds me of that guy at dances who would start breakdancing or doing some crazy move so as to deflect attention from the fact that he had no rhythm making him the cool and funny guy instead.

I wrote a little about our first trip to the Children’s Museum a few days ago, but here’s a 2:12 minute lookie.

In addition to being told we’re related to almost every Hispanic person in North America, my mom has also told us in the past that we have some Indian in us. I think she said it comes from my late grandfather’s side. And I think it was the kind that scalped people. Or maybe she was just trying to get us to stop touching things in the store.

Nevertheless, it seems Harper has inherited seedlings for traditional dancing, and if they need proof, I’ll just show them this video.

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