Ra·Jen Cre·a·tion  ~noun   / [rey-jen kree-ey-shuhn] 

DEFINITION: the act of producing or causing to exist by collective dreams generated by RaJen resulting in 1. an imaginative and original something or other, or 2. an addition to our list of Creative Procrastinations.   


Ra****: the individual primarily behind first-person references on this bloggery.  Free-time, what little of it seems to exist, is often spent listening to/writing/playing music, trying new recipes in the kitchen, taking pictures, hanging out with family and friends.  Afflicted with geekitis related to audio and computer equipment, cameras, or techy gadgets in general.   

Jen*****: the individual who peruses this site and, in the course of daily life, has issued Code Level Orange warnings of “do not blog about this”, of which I heed almost 50% of the time.  Interests include LSU Athletics, fishing, painting and drawing, golf, surfing eBay and TMZ, and shopping.  Primarily for shoes.  Also known to others as one of the kindest, loving people this side of the universe.  Up there with grandmothers and Jesus. 


RaJen Creation is a neologism derived in 2001 for all things created by RaJen.  It later became a domain name and has since become the name for this blog.  The intention is to chronicle the journey to parenthood and beyond, from the initial naïve excitement of thinking we’d get pregnant right away, through the ramblings from the sooty halls of depression, to the jubilations of happy pills, to talking about anything but conception, to photo/journaling about pretty much anything.  For us, a kiddle would be the ultimate RaJen Creation.     

RaJen, a portmanteau based upon portions of both names in the partnership, is also a shout-out to South Louisiana, the geographic area where our paths first crossed; a play on the word “Ragin’” as in “Ragin’ Cajun”.  Because in the South, finishin’ a word correctly takes up all kindsa time we coulda’ been doin’ somethin’ elts.  Like wrestlin’ gators and eatin’ crawfish.  Or, now that we live in Texas and we’re slightly more evolved, ridin’ horses and sandin’ down our wagon wheels.