We spent early Sunday afternoon at the Children’s Museum of Houston. They have an area called TotSpot created especially for 0-36 month olds. And I get that older siblings and cousins need to remain close to their Adult Supervisor, but I sure wish their Adult Supervisor would teach them not to take toys from toddlers, and you know, generally supervise their children.


We bought a Family membership last week that will provide us us air-conditioned entertainment, discounted parking, and members-only hours for an entire year for a totally-worth-it-less-than-the-cost-of-two-mani-pedis-I-so-desparately-need seventy bucks.


One thing the website didn’t tell us was that adults must wear hospital booties over their shoes or over their bare feet. Children must wear socks or go barefoot. Next time we’ll be taking socks. Consider yourself informed!