Dear RaJenBabies,

We have reached Week 26 and we are grateful.  Had an OB doctor visit yesterday, but we just checked the tires, no big look under the hood.  Baby A, son, your heartrate was a restful 152.  And Baby B, baby girl, your heartrate was a wakeful 156. 

They measure this thing called ‘fundal height’, which is no more than a measurement of your houses over the mound of my belly.  That measurement, in centimeters, should correlate with the number of weeks along that I am.  Unless you are having twins, in which case it is a bit more.  Mine was 29 cm, but considering you are growing so well, this was pretty much right on target.  They say that mom’s of twins tend to look about 6-8 weeks further along than a mom with just one baby in her belly.  And, well, that’s about right, too!  Here are two pictures: one of your aunt B, two days before your cousin E! was born.  And the second one is of me at 25w3d. 



Matou was reading to me about your development and you now have your fingernails, toenails, and eyebrows.  The nerves in your inner ear are continuing their development, so you can hear things even better now. 

All that noise last Saturday?  That was your family baby shower!  You each got some cute outfits and some important practical gear.  We are so grateful for the generosity of our guests and everyone is so excited to see you on the outside. 

At our maternal-fetal medicine specialist appointment last week, we saw that Baby A is on my left side, and Baby B is on my right side.  And given your size, although your positions will change from here on out, the general placement of each of you is pretty much fixed.  So for fun, we took a picture of you wearing your first outfit from Gymboree for all those at the shower to see. 

Where the RJBs are

Your Grandma G made you quilts and we got them on Saturday.  After you are born, she’s going to sew a patch with your names and birthdate on them.  I’m sure we’ll spend more than a few tummy-times on these precious blankets. 

Baby Girl Quilt

Baby Boy Quilt

Speaking of family, I know you know this already, but your great-grandmother, Grandma ‘Licia is back in heaven with the angels.  She gave real good hugs and made great food.  You won’t get to meet her on this side, but I know she’ll be watching over us, and there will be many an angel on earth to shower you with all the love you deserve.


Mommy and Matou