December 26, 2007.

posted this picture in a letter to the RJBs, but it is also the most recent picture I have of my Grandmother, who passed away early today, January 29, 2008. Though Alzheimer’s took away her memory, I’ll always have good memories of the woman that she was.

She had her own business as a florist.  Many a high school prom attendee wore her decorations and many a deceased were laid to rest with her artistry nearby.  She did this while raising a family of six kids – five boys and at last, a girl – including a set of fraternal twins.  She managed a sometimes unruly household, and later an unruly grandchild or two who visited (I’m not mentioning any names).  Not to mention that she was an exceptional cook, making the best bunuelos this side of Mexico and the best tamales from scratch this side of anywhere.  

There is so much more, of course, but this gives a glimpse into the life of a woman who lived life.  And the most amazing thing about her?  Her faithfulness.  To her family, yes, but especially to God.   I’ll treasure her example always.