So, yeah, sorry for the sparce wordy content. I’ve been spending my free hour of the day trying to figure out the web host I’m moving to, formatting pictures, deciding on content, heading down one road, then wanting to change everything, thereby frustrating my consultant. Actually, not really. She just tells me, “so what you are wanting to do now isn’t what we talked about in the beginning. Why don’t you pick a starting point and once you have time and resources to go down that other road, you can.” I hate being told what I can and cannot do, but she’s probably right. Because otherwise, I won’t launch until a date far beyond the point that blogging is like that VCR collecting dust in your closet. My goal is no later than October 16. Mainly because Jennifer and I are doing a half-marathon relay on October 25 and I named our team the name of the website. No pressure.