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Double Trouble



Mateo in the backyard, just before I put my cupped hand at his chin and he spit out chunks of blue sidewalk chalk.


Awe and Wonder

with such awe and wonder you see and feel things, here with a smooth cool rock in one hand and a tiny prickly pine cone in the other, amazed at the black birds ahead frolicking and chirping in a rare puddle of water on a hot summer day.

all “oooooooohhhhh!” and “whoooooooaaaaaa!” and we see things not seen before because of it. thank you.

Jennifer’s new Buddy 125 scooter, flanked by Harper’s beloved wooden push cart on the left, and Mateo’s favorite ride-on car on the right.

Happy Birthday today, Matou!

Ride-On Toys


In the little-kids bouncer at her cousin’s first birthday party.

In any event, does this photo not make you want to go out and buy her one thousand watermelons JUST SO YOU CAN WATCH HER EAT THEM? I learned from experience, however, that more than a cup of watermelon will produce liquidy pink-tinged poo poo diapers.


She Might Be Mine

I’m starting to admit that yes, she does look like me, even though she is way more cute. WAY.

Activity Table

Studies show that toddlers will (a) do what you want them to do, or (b) not do what you don’t want them to do somewhere between 40%-60% of the time.

On the bright side, that means you get first time compliance nearly half the time.

This was not one of those instances.

10:50 PM

Bathroom light on, bedroom doors cracked, very little light, so 13 second exposure and ISO 1600. Handheld, hence the blur.

He, looking like the crib is far too small for his feet; She, looking like she’s being spooned by a melted giraffe.

Melted Giraffe

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