RaJen Review: ASL Flash Cards

We knew we wanted to experiment with sign language even before the twins were born. There were plenty of resources available, some where you just make up your own signs with your kids, and others based specifically on the more universally known American Sign Language (ASL).

We purchased two different resources. The first was the Sign With Your Baby DVD by Joseph Garcia and while that was all good and well, you were a bit stuck to a television. So then we purchased these ASL Flash Cards by Sign2Me when the kids were four months old, which, looking back, is an incredible feat because we were dealing with ear infection after ear infection after stomach virus around the same time and I’m surprised I was able think beyond how it looked to the guys at Home Depot after I purchased a large tarp, plastic gloves, and a bucket, not sure they’d believe me if I told them it was for letting our son go diaperless to deal with the worst diaper rash ever from seven days of diarrhea and not because I was planning to dispose of a body.

Wait, where was I? Oh, sign language.

So the plan was to teach ourselves some basic signs, do them around the kids and see if they’d pick up on them. Sure enough, they did back here and here. And they’ve continued to pick up on signs.

Things we like about these cards: the sign description is easy to figure out; the Spanish word is there, too; nifty boxes for storage. Things we don’t like: the creepy bot signers; the cards, though a sturdy weight, are no match for the mouths and hands of babies – then again, neither is wood. I suppose we could have laminated them, but really.

We initially purchased three boxes (Quick Start Pack, Actions and Opposites Pack, Objects and Emotions Pack) on Amazon for a little under $11.00 each. And I just recently ordered the last two boxes (Family/Clothing and Toileting Pack, Animals and Colors Pack).

Sure they can use words now, but another method of communication during the toddler years is never a bad thing. Plus, with them requesting “More!”, how can we resist?