I’m in the process of redesigning my blog. I’ve retained a web designer to help me navigate all the technical programming that I don’t have the time to get smart about. We met for two hours last week and we’ve both got homework assignments before our next meeting in a couple weeks.

Wow, Rachel, you might implore, are you getting a lot of traffic on your site and you’re going to do this more than just as a hobby? Um, no. Just to be clear, I have absolutely no business spending money on this. I mean what are there, like thirteen readers and four commenters?

It’s just that the free sites do not provide the flexibility I’m looking for, like the width of the columns, or multiple templates within the same site. And if I’m going to labeled High Maintenance, I MIGHT AS WELL LIVE UP TO THE TITLE.

It’s a work in progress that I hope to take live by the end of August with changes including a tab just for RaJen Reviews, a photo gallery for those photos I want to highlight with minimal text, and some other goodies. I’ll also have a new name and web address. Which means that my readership will probably be reduced to five people.

I hope you are one of them.