I had seen these Prince Lionheart Forumla Mixers at the store and would snicker at them as one of the million ploys to prey on the vulnerable psyches of parents who, having gone without sleep, had experienced double the water bill from laundry, and with secret desires to take sledgehammers to the seemingly never-ending bottles, are looking for something, ANYTHING, to make life easier.

In December of 2008, I was witness to the mixer in action when I saw my sister-in-law whip one out and mix my nephew’s formula in less than 20 seconds. Without shaking the bottle. Without having pre-made formula in the refrigerator and warming. And with no clumps. Anyone who has an infant(s) knows that EVERY. SECOND. COUNTS.

Right there I converted.

Other than the obvious on-the-go purposes, it became our go-to mixer at home. We found it far easier to warm 16oz-24oz of water in a glass
mason jar and then mix in the formula with this mixer. From about 7 months to 12 months, the Prince Lionheart mixer was bank.

The biggest complaint (others have) about them is that sometimes the ‘motor’ goes out. This happens for two reasons: 1) it is the battery’s way of telling you that your kid(s) drink a shitload of formula and two AA batteries can only get you so far, and 2) the internal battery contact connecter parts get wet.

The best solutions I can offer is to have extra batteries on hand, don’t get the battery connector parts wet when you wash of the mixer part, and stand it with battery-side up to dry. I think in all, we purchased three of them (one for the diaper bag, one for the house, and the one we replaced for the house because we hadn’t yet figured out that we should let it dry battery-side up) and went through maybe ten AA batteries along the way.

My only regret is that we didn’t purchase our first one until the kids were around 7 months. Don’t wait so long to see the light, people. Cent for cent, dollar for dollar, at $3.99 from Babies R Us this mixer gave us the most bang for the buck in terms of convenience during those bottle/formula months.

We’re three months past bottle use, but I have been known to use it to mix my Crystal Light into my water (note that red fruit punch stain is a little hard to get off), and Jen still uses it to mix her 3 Equals + 3 Sweet N Lows per cup of coffee. And if you can continue to use a ‘baby product’ long past the time the babies are using it, that’s just icing.