In the last two or so weeks, we’ve noticed both kids standing and/or walking with their hands behind their lower back. And it’s about time. Because Jennifer and I have been walking around our house for fourteen months with our hands behind our backs hoping they would at some point emulate the behavior. We figured that if we taught them to keep their hands behind their backs, then they would be less inclined to touch fragile objects left at their level. As a test, we’ll soon be leaving razors and shaved lead on bookshelves.

In all seriousness, we have no idea where they’ve picked up this habit, or why they are both doing it, but it is seriously cute. Especially when they’re nekked but for the diaper, and not carrying anything, filing down the way like drill team dancers getting ready for a halftime show.

In the photo below, Mateo is carrying his “Raffy” giraffe down the hall. Raffy is a sleep item and is not supposed to leave his crib. But sometimes he’ll go grab it through the slats, usually around naps or bath/bedtime. I think he thought that if he couldn’t see Raffy behind his back, then neither could we.