Ready, Set, Go! Cars by Parents Magazine

Our friend Samantha and her son Jake are a blessing, and not just because we get hand-me-overs from them.

In December, they brought a handful of toys and these Parents® Magazine Ready, Set, Go! cars have been the gem of the lot. According to website descriptions, each car has its own personality (the red truck chimes, the yellow taxi squeaks, etc.), but by the time we got them, the sounds were long gone. No matter, though, because what the kids love is the “click click click” of the pull-and-go action that sends them zooming to the other side of the room.
These cars are rated from 12-36 months, but I have proof that they keep 420 month olds entertained, as well.

Both Mateo and Harper played with them most often in the crawling days, when they were content to just push them backwards with a neverending click click click as they made their way around on their knees. They’re still a favorite in our household and can be found anywhere from the living room, to the thing you trip on in the hallway, to the bath, to the back yard.


You can find the full set of 4 cars new for under $18 here, though I’ve seen some specialty online toy stores sell them for upwards of $35.