Yookidoo Swap N' Go Snail

This is the Yookidoo Swap N’ Go Snail (ages 6 months +) by International Playthings. We purchased it here for $34.00 though I believe it’s selling for less these days.

Back when the kids were in daycare, I’d pick them up in the evenings and Mateo always had a hold of this snail. The teachers told me it was his favorite toy ever and since in six months of living he was more good than bad, Santa brought it for Christmas.

When you push down on it’s tail (teaches cause and effect), the Swap N’ Go Snail has a memorable little ditty as it rolls forward (requires 3 AA batteries) for about ten seconds, spinning it’s colorful shell as it goes (encouraging crawling or creeping). It’s a rolling, stacking, pulling, pushing, musical toy. Mateo’s favorite thing to do, however, is hold the wheels as it’s running causing it to click click click like a roller coaster heading up that first drop.

We like it because Mateo loves it, because Harper dances to it every time the music starts, and because it’s not so painfully typical.

I was about to off it on Craigslist, but after bringing it out for the photo, it’s again Mateo’s favorite toy.


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