When I get home each evening, I take off my heels as soon as I walk in the door. Less for comfort, and more because I’ve already had to take a pair to the shoe hospital for repair after having a head-on collision with a toy car. Also? Because I do not have the time to deal with a broken bone.

You know that scene in a movie where you get a glimpse of the guy kicking someone’s ass and then walking out but then someone says “hello?” and the guy blinks and you were only seeing what he wished he’d done? Well, most days, I’d like to throw most of the toys out in the yard and set them to flames while I sit on my lawnchair with a bloody mary. Except the lot of it all would probably combine in some molecular structure forming BPA and PVC and STDs and I’m more than sure some organic-food-co-op-ing-exclusively-breastfeeding-homeschooling-PETA family in my neighborhood group is monitoring air quality for JUST THESE THINGS. And if I don’t have time for a broken ankle, I sure as hell don’t have the patience for a stint behind bars for environmental terrorism.

We do have our favorites, though, be it for cuteness or function or distraction. So on some yet-to-be-determined schedule, I’ll be profiling some of our favorite toys or products in our house, telling you what it is, where we (or someone else) purchased it, the approximate cost, the relevant age range, and why we like it. Some things you will have seen before in post photos, other not. The category title will be “RaJen Review”

My intent – which tends to be, these days, a far cry from Reality – is to add those items to this post with the link to that product promotion post. Then again, I also thought I’d never let my kids eat food off the floor. So, you know, we’ll see.

# 1: Yookidoo Swap N’ Go Snail (International Playthings)

#2: Premium Maple Wooden Blocks (Barclay Woods)