We placed a bookshelf in front of the fireplace in the living room, and typically it might look something like this:


In an effort to minimize stuff, we keep the other 40+ books we have put away and rotate them out, keeping less than 15 available at any one time. Throughout the day, the books (and the bookshelf, for that matter) garner lots of attention as shown here:


A few weeks ago, we would come home from work to find a very lean looking bookshelf like the one below. Which we found a little odd because WHERE WERE THE BOOKS? Not feeling like searching the house high and low for books, and forgetting to ask the nanny if they were being collected elsewhere, we’d put out a few more books.


But if you peek over the top of the bookshelf, there’s a dark abyss. And I’ve previously mentioned Mateo is fascinated with putting things “away”.


And a light went off in our collective mama heads. Anticipating the logical conclusion, I grabbed the camera while Jennifer pulled back the bookshelf to reveal this: