From our house, down the sidewalk…


past the empty lot…


past the abandoned house…

Big Brother

What can I say, we live in an urban area not quite entirely gentrified. What? Oh, the missing shorts? Let me just say after that particular diaper change, I’m surprised he’s even wearing a diaper. Battles, war. War, battles. Whatever.

…and to the park a hundred yards from the house to play a bit before heading back home. These walks take time because we have bugs to look at and flowers to smell and trees to touch.


Somebody likes this wooden cart birthday present so much that we actually have to hide it when not in use. I thought I had at least seven or eight years before I had to hear the sounds of a roomful of prepubescent girls and boys screaming at some teeny-bopper concert. I WAS WRONG! Because if Harper gets in her cart and no one is pushing her? So help you God, you will be subjected to a similar decibel level emitting from exactly one twelve month old.

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