A few weeks ago, I mentioned the transformation our house and furnishings have seen in the months since the kids were born. And I have some more here.

The photo below is of the play area, pre-babies. Doesn’t it look all nice and orderly and welcoming like birds might be chirping and soft music playing in the background?


Yeah, well, then the kids come and you haven’t quite found the right place to keep the kids’ laundry basket. And the lion is there for walking practice. And the drawers are open because you were in the middle of restocking diapers and putting away pajamas. And that blue frame behind the tray table is there because you’re not quite sure where to put the pop-up Last Supper picture that once hung over the kitchenette at your late grandmother’s house.


What about the bookshelves? Tipping hazards. They’re now in the garage. And in its place we have a dresser that used to be in the nursery that we removed to make space for the extra chair that was extracted from the living room that has already been transformed. The topper is from Land Of Nod and securely attached.

We spent a good bit of time planning out the nursery, wanting it to be all neutral tones with the nice recliner/rocker and complimentary simplicity with Mateo on the right and Harper on the left. And it totally started out that way. And let me digress a moment here and say that this is one of the areas where veteran parents amazingly hold their tongues. It’s like they KNOW that the rooms prepared for baby will NEVER look like the pre-baby photos once the kid(s) come. But they let us be all happy and planny and picture perfecty, just to get it out of our systems.


Ultimately, the one rocker just wasn’t going to work what with, you know, twins. So we plucked a chair from the living room and put it in the nursery. Doesn’t match. Didn’t care. That’s what happens when the reality of the infant period gives your brain a wedgy and “coordinating colors”, “soft tones”, and “simple” are thrown out of your vocabulary. Particularly when you have months of projectile vomit from two babies and you’re having to cover and protect all those precious coordinating surfaces. I can tell you there were days where we’d feed the kids their night bottles, knowing they’d puke, and peel off one sheet from the floor and put it directly into the washing machine. The remaining sheet/blanket would be there for the night feeding pukies, at which time we’d put that sheet into the wash and the ones from the wash into the dryer. And so on and so forth.


There’s Mateo peeking over his crib – the one on the LEFT – because he was more prone to wake if the door over on the right was opened during the night. The awesome, custom adjust from the top or the bottom light-eliminating blinds? Yeah, those stay closed. Kids want the gorgeous morning light and birds chirping? We change them on the dresser/topper in the play area and hit the “rainforest” button on the sound machine. Natch.

By the way, the photos above were taken a couple weeks ago and the spaces have since changed. Again. Primarily as a result of birthday loot and nowhere to put stuff.

So this past weekend, I got a storage facility. We’re going to move 4 of our 8 dining chairs into it., along with a queen bed from the guest room, the barstools, the desk and some other furniture. Put the queen bed in the guest room into it. The guest room will become Mateo’s room and in it will be the dresser/topper (from the play area), a chair from the nursery, a mattress on the floor, a bookshelf secured to the wall with 1-2 books and 1-2 quiet toys, and a couple child-eye level prints on the wall.

The nursery will become Harper’s room with a bookshelf secured to the wall (one currently in the garage but previously in the play area), a mattress on the floor, the rocker/recliner, a couple toys and books, and a few child-eye level prints on the wall.

The play area will house the playkitchen that we just acquired, and we’ll probably move the little tikes activity table down there, too. We’re going to try to make the living room look a little less colorful, if you know what I mean.

I’ll keep everyone posted (with pictures!) as to how all that works out, and when. First things first, though, gotta get all the borrowed kids furniture and toys from the birthday party back to the rightful owner!