The boy is CONSTANTLY standing upright from a bear crawl position. With nothing to pull up on or from. And oftentimes carrying something in his hands, like this cloth diaper here. Or a car. Or a ball. Or a phone. Or he has something in his mouth while standing, like a piece of fruit (plastic, from Lakeshore learning, calm down), a block, a lego, or a cloth diaper.

Photo taken Sunday, April 19, 2009.

I know, they’re 12 months and not walking. SO WHAT? Remember that Harper didn’t even roll over until she was 9 months old. We figure she’s going to do what she wants to do when she wants to do it. I can’t imagine where she got that attitude from.

Watching Grandma blow bubbles. Sunday, April 19, 2009.

We’re probably days from a first step from Mateo, but don’t mistake that statement for mommy guilt or enthusiasm. Quite frankly, given how busy we are, and that there’s TWO of them usually going in opposite directions, I might resort to binding their feet to give us another 3-6 months of getting used to the speed crawl stage.

While I’m airing out the laundry of OHMYGODYOURKIDSARESOBEHINDTHEYAREN’TGOINGTOGETINTOPRE-K!, I should mention, you know, for the purpose of being comprehensive, that they also don’t talk (in words we can understand) yet. Or read. And we won’t be buying the early reading material that’s all the rage. They both say mama with intention, and Harper does say “ooK” with a hard “K” sound, thank you. She’s super nosy observant so it’s no surprise that that’s her first non-parental word. And she loves to show you everything, point to it, say “ooK” with AUTHORITY and look back at you to describe that object – that brown ceiling fan or the pink flower or the purple shoes or the whatever it is. They both wave bye and shake their heads “no”. Thanks for that, grandma.

Even so, they’re doing great developmentally in terms of gross motor and fine motor skills. And growth! My, their growth! At Monday’s 1 year checkup, Mateo was 31 3/4″ (95th percentile) and 24lb12oz (75th percentile) and Harper was 29 3/4″ (70th percentile) and 21lb7oz (55th percentile). We figured Harper was stretching out because see her in the background of that photo above? When I bought that giraffe rocker on March 7, she could barely touch her tiptoes to the ground.

Back yard photo .