This little car is yet another garage sale / second-hand / craigslist / non-retail find. I purchased it in great condition for $15 (I saw it at Target last weekend for $50).


We keep it in the garage, where we also week the two big-people cars, the radio flyer wagon, and two strollers. But this poor car was dangerously close to the front-end of my car. So it should come as no surprise that I ran over the front passenger wheel one morning when misjudging the distance I had to exit the garage. Once I got to the office, my first order of business was to get on the phone with customer service telling them I bent the wheel well and can I replace a tire. And right then, someone was walking by my office and I’m all “no, not the pink car. The red one, with the yellow hood and the blue handle.” I might have been more embarrassed about it except that the answer was “of course, how many would you like?” so apparently I am not the only one who runs these things over.

Anyway, I replaced the wheel during their afternoon nap and then we gave it a whirl. Didn’t take long before Mateo discovered he could pop the hood and push his sister around.