After three days of cold and rain, Mother Nature opened up the beginning of your 11th month this morning with a bright sun, full blooms, and crisp spring air. Not to be upstaged, in celebration of 47 weeks and 5 days, I made you a spinach and cheese frittata while Matou got your diapers changed and brought you up from the nursery. We sang you Happy Birthday, but we had to accelerate the tempo because all you wanted was BREAKFAST, DAMMIT!


It has been a very busy month for all of us. Matou’s work is getting busier as the weather gets warmer, and I have been in the midst of my busiest time at work. None of this has gone unnoticed. Part of this is that developmentally, you’re asserting both your independence – through cruising and crawling and discovering – as well as your intentional dependence on us, your two mommies.


And the combination results in having the two of you stop, drop, and crawl towards me or your Matou at the end of the day and pull up, one on each leg, when we walk in the door, accompanied by tons of whining because you both want to be held. With faces like these looking up to you, peeing will have to wait.

Boy, Boy, Boy
Bruise/cut above left eye, prunes on face, dirty sweatshirt. all before 7:30 a.m..

I Need My Diaper Changed

While it’s incredibly cute, it’s incredibly painful to only see you sometimes 30 minutes in a day. This month, there have been too many days where I have not seen you at all during waking hours and it has left me in tears on more than one occasion, feeling the angst and stress many working mom’s feel about being spread too thin and not Being There enough for each person. Thankfully, Matou has been able to spend more time with you in the mornings so we are grateful for that.

A Very Good Garage Sale Find (the giraffe, not the boy)

That’s not to say that there haven’t been some nice breaks, though. The day I had jury duty, I got out early and I scooped you both up and we went to the zoo for the first time. And you’ve been once since then, this time taking Matou. Look at you two all spiffy with your zoo memberships!

At The Zoo
Looking at the new baby giraffe.

This past month you’ve been to two birthday parties, too. Already seems your hang out with the older, cooler crowd because both parties were for two-year olds.

Mateo, you are an exercise of contradictions. You might be wildly crawling over and climbing up anything that you can find, or trying to open cabinets or, going down head-first on the slide,


or moving quickly across the kitchen so you can shake the gate at the top of the stairs. Alternatively, you might be quietly putting the shapes into their respective holes, or reading a book to yourself, mumbling quietly, as if you are pondering the publisher’s color choices.

Tato Reading A Single Page

Or, you might be sending a text message to your homies. You’ll also spend a lot of time pushing cars accompanied by a “jjjjjjjjjjjshhhhhh” as you move around the living room. All in all, we’ve concluded this increased mobility has helped you find a little peace because you can get yourself to where you want to be.


Harper, were it that we understood what you are saying! You speak with so much intention and inflection and facial expression.


But you will not accessorize! We try to put a hat on to protect you from the sun or a bow in your hair and you will immediately rip it off.

No Accessories, Please

You enjoy swiping the playtable clear, waiting for someone to put toys back onto the table, so that you can send them flying once more. You find this absolutely hilarious. And like your brother, you take calls or send messages on your cell phone several times per day.


In fact, one time you got a hold of my BlackBerry and somehow changed the language on the system. You are also exerting your independence with food and drink, meaning that you may not take it from us, but if we put it on the tray in front of you, you will grab it and eat it yourself. And as for drinking from your cup and straw, you seem to like spitting out the liquid as much as you like taking it in. And you do NOT want anything but water from your cup. We’re all working through this.


Speaking of eating, we’re using traditional high chairs now. A good friend is allowing us to “store” them for her. All the wetness of your eating and drinking was starting to wear on our wood table, so we’ve had to move some furniture around to accommodate the high chairs.

Oh, and words. We parents have a tendency to hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see. And so on that note, I’ll say that, Harper, you say “kick” around the soccer ball and “this” and you’ve begun to say “mamamamama” when you are tired. Mateo, you say “google” when you read or send text messages and “jjjjjjjjsshhhh” (you’re version of vroooom! With the cars). But the reason I am more skeptical about these ‘first words’ is that would mean your first word, with no physical association in our household, was ‘dadadaa’. It’s all still very cute, though.

We had our first Daylight Savings earlier this month and we took advantage of this to make it seem like you were going to bed later and getting up later. We figured since the schedule would probably be jacked up, we might was well go full-throttle. So that Sunday night, my birthday, we changed the routine and eliminated the night bottle. We now do baths shortly after dinner and have book and play time for a little while afterwards, with some formula in a cup, until we see that you’re tired. That could be anywhere between 6:30 and 7:15, and Harper’s woobie usually buys us the 15 minutes that gets us to the average of 6:45.

Woobie Time!

A quick brushing of the quickly-sprouted-but-no-new-additions-in-several-weeks teeth and cuddle time in the dark settles you off for night sleep. Until we place you in the cribs – and then you’ll pop up like those little groundhogs at Chuck-E-Cheese. Matou and I quickly leave the room to clean up the bathroom and kitchen and once we’re upstairs, we’ll check on you on the monitor and sometimes we’ll watch you, mesmerized by the sight of you – both facing each other, just looking, and occasionally talking to one another for a few minutes until, you each lay down, and fall asleep like tiny little frogs.

Day Shy Of 11 Months

Our hearts all a’ribbit,

Mommy and Matou