Over the last couple years, I have sold countless items on Craigslist. That 65 inch projection screen HD television we had in the ‘burbs that wouldn’t fit in the house when we went urban? SOLD to the Mexican family that came streaming out of a pickup truck. And they didn’t even have cable. The first receiver I ever purchased? SOLD to the surgeon who wanted a little music in his garage workshop. The beloved jumparoo that gave us five or ten precious minutes to pee and change a load of laundry? SOLD to the grandma who wanted something fun for when her grandchild comes for a visit.

Oh, we’ve bought used – for SURE. Just a few days a go, Jennifer brought a bag of kids clothes purchased at Goodwill. We’ve purchased clothes from the mom’s of multiples garage sale. And we’ve purchased used toys from family’s in our multiples group and from our neighborhood group, like this laugh and learn Learning Home we bought for $20 (and retails for four times that).

Learning Home

But I have never before PURCHASED something off of Craigslist. Until last week. We purchased a playhouse and climb & slide from a family that lives in the burbs near Jennifer’s workplace. This photo shows one at a church (the photo the seller sent us). Theirs was never used outdoors and so it was in particularly great shape.


It takes up quite a bit of our postage-stamp sized urban backyard, but it’s a nice home alternative to them staying indoors all day or having to head to the park. Just another “station” for these growing and increasingly mobile and brave miracles. Here are a few pictures of the RJBs enjoying it in our backyard after Matou set it up yesterday morning.