My biker dude dad and his wife sent the kids Harley Davidson Build-A-Bears. I’ve only ever seen Build-A-Bear studios from afar, and found myself inching towards the opposite walls, because that many bears and that many kids makes me kinda nervous? The bears they sent were docked out in leather jackets and orange Harley bandana’s. I’m not sure if they were purchased that way, like a Meal Deal at McDonalds, or if, gasp, my dad and his wife went in and built them this way. And if that’s the case, I have a completely different view of my dad and his wife, including What Were You Smoking?

Which is probably the same thing I could have asked Jennifer AND THE NANNY when I came home to them playing gangsta dressup with with the kids. Introducing GangstaTato and GangstaCita, photos courtesy of Matou. Don’t mess with dem, yo.

Whuzzup Yo


COMING NEXT WEEK: I’m going to do a three-, maybe four-part series on airline travel and over-night stay suggestions based on, wait for it, our SINGLE EXPERIENCE. But that’s the beauty of the internet: anyone can be an expert. Why three-, maybe four- parts? Because all that written on one post is painfully long, and because I have a short attention span, and because traveling with infants takes a lot of parts, at least when it’s more than one, and because I wanted to be detailed enough to be a decent resource, at least in part, for someone who wanted an overview that they could tweak from. Stay tuned.