Some weekends we don’t have anything on the calendar. And by “don’t have anything” I mean we limit ourselves to tons of laundry, putting away clothes, making baby food, playing with kids, tidying up, cleaning toys, sterilizing bottle parts, wiping away tears, wiping butts, practice crawling, being a jungle gym, going to the grocery store, listening to too much toddler music, and watching a show or two. From a month ago.

Other weekends, I commit us to a social engagement. Or three.

This weekend was a busy one, and on our way home from lunch yesterday, Jennifer asked if when I plan our schedule, if I could plan for just ONE outing/thing per weekend. OOPS.

Saturday, the kids attended their first birthday party. Their friends, M & N, a set of cuties who’s parents we met when we sold them the swing that Mateo loved, were turning one year old.
It was my first first birthday party as an adult and I was taking lots of notes. Because holy crap we’ll have one in our household in three months.

On Sunday, we had our good friend Samantha and her son J over for breakfast. I made eggs and some cinnamon and brown sugar pastries and roasted potatoes and offered some fresh fruit. I’d throw in a picture of the RJBs playing with J, but OH WAIT, their morning nap lasted two hours. And for all you rookies out there who think that a two hour nap translates to a blissful remainder of the day with a well rested child…you got another thing coming.

Since the nap lasted so long, we didn’t end up going to church. But our friend and her son are also the daughter and grandson of our pastor, so that’s like the bullets-hit-each-other-and-everyone’s-free, right?

That afternoon, we fed the RJBs lunch and then headed out to a restaurant to meet another two mom family and their almost-one-year boy/girl twins. I had met one of the mom’s through one of my mom’s groups. They are also letting us borrow their Go-Go Wheelz for an upcoming trip – OUR FIRST PLANE RIDE.

I’m heading into my busy season a month early this year. The reinsurance markets are pricey and I’m trying to get us ahead of the game. So my postings will be more infrequent, probably mostly pictures and/or videos. That is, if I survie the layoff at the end of the month. Not even kidding. If I’m unemployed at the end of the month, then I’ll have more time on my hands.

Last week I wrote about Molly, but her husband also has an intesting blog called 22 Words. He writes all his posts in 22 words or less and gives seven reasons why. My favorite reason is that “more ink is not always more meaning.”

I don’t think I’m gifted enough to do less than 22. Anyway, that’s Abraham’s number so I’ll go with something else. But I don’t know what yet. All that to say that, with few exceptions, my writing will be more brief for a few weeks. But since folks don’t come here for my writing, but for updates on the RJBs, here’s two videos for your consumption. One of Harper enjoying her cup & straw, with a cameo by her brother. And one of Mateo getting very very close to throwing himself over the top into a crawl position.