My mom came to Houston on Friday, only for us to load up with the kids and leave for San Antonio on Saturday morning at 7:20 a.m. Which was only about 20 minutes late. “Late” meaning it included a 1-hour buffer for traffic or extra stopping/feeding in order to arrive On Time for an 11:00 a.m. shoot at The Picture People – a shoot which was to include the current brood of little ones on my side of the family. And I’ll go ahead and reserve my comments on The Place That Employs Teenagers With Good Cameras Which Isn’t The Same As A Photographer, but suffice it to say I was less than impressed. I can’t post the best pictures from that shoot at this time. No, not because they are proprietary, or because most of them sucked, but because one lucky one or two photos may or may not be given to some certain family member(s) that may or may not peruse this blog. In the meantime, here’s one of the RJBs that won’t go to press, but was cute nonetheless.


The rest of the afternoon is a blur what with getting the RJBs home to mom’s for lunch, naps, picking Jen up from the airport, discovering a nail in the tire while at Whole Foods, finding a place that was open and could repair the tire before Sunday morning, playing with the kiddos, and eating dinner.

I will say that probably the best part of the weekend was co-conspiring with my siblings and our significant others to have a surprise birthday luncheon in celebration of my mom’s 60th birthday. I had told my mom that Jen and I wanted to take her out to lunch for her birthday before we headed back home. I also told her that my siblings wanted to come, but that my brother had picked up an overtime shift at work, and that my sister had both the girls by herself while her husband was at the recording studio. I lied with ease and I felt fourteen again. So I can’t tell you what a joy it was to get to the restaurant, whisk myself to the table, and be there in time to snap these shots of her tearful and joyous surprise.



What a blessing it was!

Our trip home was a little longer what with Tato having a poop blow out through his diaper and onto his cords. You should have seen us in Flatonia, improvising a diaper changing station in the back of the SUV (the gas station was a little iffy), using a dry cleaning bag as protection, wiping a naked baby on a cool windy day with cold wet wipes, him crying, then peeing like a fountain, then finding a bag to put this poop clothes into, then putting him in the Extra Outfit We Had Accessible. Or when Harper was so tired and fought a nap so hard that she cried until she threw up down her dress. Or when Tato Bear threw up a bit in the car after a bottle (cleaning the nooks and crannies of the chest buckle will be fun). Or how we extended our drive just a little longer by driving around 20 extra minutes because they were FINALLY BOTH NAPPING. Let me just say, that I’m learning that traveling in the mornings is so much better.

Now that the household is relatively healthy (M has a cold/congestion. Again.), we’ve had some time to ponder decorating for Christmas. And then we yawn, look at the piles of laundry, and say “maybe tomorrow”. Not sure we’ll get all decorated up this year, but there is a local gardening place that has little charlie brown trees which we’re seriously considering. More on what I’ve learned about decorations here.