Inspector # 041608

My sister observed – and I did not deny – that I have replaced my techy gadget purchases with obscure boutiquish and quite possibly unnecessary baby gear purchases. But whatever. For those that have asked, the most awesomely stylish fun leg warmers are BabyLegs. We purchased these and these and these and these and these. And I would say that I’m orderering five more pair, but I’m not going to because someone named Matou might try and stop me. They just might show up in photos later.

We’ve really enjoyed them in the couple weeks we’ve had them. A great way to keep warm inside the house and out – you know, for these two weeks a year that the Texas temperatures hover in the 60s. In addition to being super cute, we also like the ease of diaper changes with baby legs rather than pants. I’m sure this is a stage they’re going through – one that will last the next couple years – but changing diapers, especially on a baby not feeling well, is a HOLY TERROR OF PROTEST. So anything to simplify the process short of letting them go in a dirty diaper all day along is totally worth it. And just yesterday, Mateo said his favorite thing about them was that his bare feet remain available for putting in his mouth.

They have been especially useful in the last few days that the RaJenBabies have been afflicted with colds and ear infections, meaning rounds of throwing up – a baby’s version of hawking up post-nasal drip and phlegm. Hungry? Here’s a visual: formula and sweet potato puke. Has a nice ring to it, right? And a splendid color, something nice for a mod sunroom.

We were in San Antonio over the weekend for my nieces’ Baptisms. The RJBs have been unwell for a couple days, so IN LIEU OF THE NAP THEY WOULD NOT TAKE, we went for a walk on Saturday afternoon in Grandma Yoyi’s neighborhood.

On A Walk - San Antonio


The socks that Mateo is wearing are smartwool socks that I picked up at REI when I went there to get a stainless steel thermos. They were expensive-ish, BUT, and here’s my formerly-known-as-techy-justification-now-translated-to-baby-gear-purchase-justification: if you can find socks that STAY ON YOUR KIDS’ FEET they are worth your next paycheck, right after you pay the mortgage payment. Just last night, I told Matou that I am going through their sock drawer this week and tossing all that are crap. Which means we’ll have around 5 pair left over. Oh sure, there are cute prints on those little booties, but seriously, I want to fill them with catnip and throw them out to the ferrel cats roaming the neighborhood. So far, the best socks we’ve found are the one’s from REI, the knee-high socks from Baby Gap (as seen here), the crew socks by MiniWear from BabiesRUs, and an honorable mention to the non-slip socks from Old Navy (though Harper is REALLY good at pulling these off).

And while I’m outing myself in the babygear category, we received our PeaPod P201 order last week – just in time for traveling to San Antonio. We actually purchased two. While one is big enough to fit both kids – in theory – I wanted something that will last for a while. And if you took a time-elapsed video of Mateo during sleep, he would look like the fast-marching hands of a wall clock in a saturday morning cartoon. So sleeping two in one space would not work.

So far, we like the “tent”/bed with it’s easily inflatable mattress. I love it because it weighs less than my purse – wait a minute, that isn’t saying much – OK, about the weight of a pair of tennis shoes. Folds up to the size of a diaper bag. And is way more convenient for travel than lugging around a pack-n-play. Plus, look how cute it is?

Two Peas In A PeaPod

PeaPod P201

I’ll be mentioning these and other products in my next – if I ever get a round to it – RJB Must Have’s List. It’s like # 5,232 on my list of things to do, which, and I know it may not seem so, but it’s pretty up there in terms of priority.