A year and five days ago, I was surprisingly interested in a minivan commercial. But Jennifer saw the error of my ways and leaned me towards an SUV, particularly since this would replace HER car and SHE would be driving it. In my master plan of trickery, I continued to allude to the benefits of a minivan, all the while knowing that in the end, I would be surprising her with something different for her birthday. 

Due to a multitude of circumstances, I ended up taking her vehicle this morning. And on the XM radio that comes free for 3 months, the 90’s station was tuned in. Which got me thinking about the 80’s and other decades. Which got me to wondering, what will we say about this decade when we get into 2011? Will it have been “the two-thousands”? Or the “zeros”? How does that work?

We took the RaJenBabies to their six month check-up this morning. Is it me, or does getting the kids’ shots get harder (on mom) every time? I actually cried this morning as I had to hold Harper down while they gave her shots in her leg. That pleading look through alligator tears she gave me just crushed me.


Doctor report was all good. They’re growing like crazy. Mateo is 27 3/4 inches and 18lb14oz, that puts him in the 85th and 70th percentile, respectively. Harper is 25 7/8 inches and 16lb11oz so she’s in the 50th and 65th percentile. They’ve been eating rice cereal for a couple weeks now and we started oatmeal with them on Sunday. And even with eating 3 tbsp of cereal two times per day, Mateo is still consuming an average of 36-42 ounces of formula per day! With that, the pediatrician suggested we wait no longer and press full steam ahead on solids. Harper is a very good eater, so it looks like I got my two-tier steamer in just in time.


We also stopped by the IVF clinic and my OB/GYN’s office to visit the doctors and nurses that took such good care of us during pregnancy. Our doctor at the IVF clinic said to them “I first met you when you were just eight cells old.” And how amazing is it that we have pictures of them when they were just a few hundred cells, moments before they were placed in my womb. It’s breathtaking, really.

blast1_08.20.07.jpg Blast2_08.20.07.jpg