Several people have either commented or sent emails wondering how in the world those bows stay on, the ones I first talked about here. No, Mom, it’s not scotch tape the way you used to keep them on me as a baby because I was bald and that’s just what you did, I know, you’ve told me six hundred and thirty two times at least.

ALIBUGBOWTIQUE uses what she calls “no-slip alligator clips” and this is what they look like up close.

How those bows stay on

Alligator clips

Orange Bow Alligator Clip

I found her on Etsy and just recently purchased twelve more, which has in turn caused Matou to chew her nails to the quick. And caused her godparents to reconsider that commitment. But I’m rebellious.

They stay on incredibly well. I even tried one on Tato because he doesn’t have the same mohawk that Carpet does, and his hair is very very short. But he both declined comment and threatened legal action if I published the photos, something he’s learned from all those celebrity magazines on the grocery store racks.