One of the mixed blessings of evacuating to San Antonio ahead of Hurricane Ike (AND WE’RE STILL HERE BECAUSE WE STILL DON’T HAVE POWER AND THE CURRENT NEWS FROM THE ENERGY COMPANY SAYS OUR ZIP CODE “has sustained extensive damage, and will therefore have a restoration timeline that extends beyond Monday.”) is getting to spend quality time with the family.

I had ordered some bows and clips for Carpet & S! and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they turned out! I found the maker on Etsy and her store is called ALIBUGBOWTIQUE. Since I am naturally difficult, I asked her for a custom order of several No Slip Itty Bitty Clippies and No Slip Hair Bows on Itty Bitty Clippies. Her prices are totally comparable if not better than a local retail store with that added benefit of getting to chose your own colors/ribbons. She’ll work with you to get you exactly what you need to go with your little ones’ wardrobe. Both Carpet and S! have very little hair and it is amazing how well these stay in all day. I’ve since ordered MORE MORE MORE in various ribbon colors and I can’t wait until they arrive. And hopefully we’ll have power at our house by then.

Though I swore to myself up and down that I wouldn’t put bows in my child’s hair…HOW CUTE ARE THEY, RIGHT?!

Baby S
S! in a lavender itty bitty clippie.

Carpet in an orange dot and white itty bitty bow.

If you want bows for your kiddo and you decide to get them from Alibugbowtique (which you totally should!), let her know I sent you. I’m not getting anything out of it, but I told her I liked the bows so much I’d put them on my blog and I just want her to know I meant it.