So a few weeks ago, I wrote a post about emergency preparedness for the “How Do You Do It?” blog. And let me just say, from a personal experience, it was well-timed.

On Thursday evening, we evacuated to San Antonio, where my family resides. No sense in staying in Houston through a storm and no power with almost five-month-olds. We’re safe, thanks for asking.

Starting at 8:00 this morning, I picked up my dad, we gassed up the truck, bought ice, drove to Houston, got to my house, took a deep breath, walked in to assess the situation, found a ceiling leak, put a bucket underneath it, video’d some water damage on the south wall of the house, saw that it was 85 degrees in the house (thermostat is battery-operated), cleaned out freezers, cleaned out refrigerators, cleared debris from yard, patted myself on the back for having had a sixty foot dying oak tree cut down last week, cleaned up, took diapers outside, gathered up some baby clothes, packed up some clothes (we had only brought enough for 2 days), took fuel and water and blowers to neighbors, drove back at 2:30 in the afternoon, and arrived home for the RJBs bath time at 6p. So yeah, it’s a run-on sentence for a run-on kinda day.

The more important job was the one done by my Mom and Matou – which was taking care of the RJBs.

Pictures and video later.