Seemingly all of a sudden, the RJBs are doing new things. Carpet found her feet a couple weeks ago, but now Tato has found his and apparently his toes are very flavorful. I nibble on them myself, but he likes them more than me. Two weeks ago, I started showing Carpet how to ‘blow bubbles’ (that sound you make with your lips together like a motor boat). She would just stare at me doing it. And when I picked her up from school last Thursday, her teacher said “she’s been spitting all day.” That’s my girl!

Neither of them are rolling over yet, but Tato does lots of rocking bath and forth. We’re not in any rush, just like we’re not in any rush to feed them solids. They’ll be 5 months in a week (FIVE!), and we’re just now to a place where they aren’t throwing up from acid reflux. They are off the reflux medicine. We’ve got two more days of antibiotics from the ear infections.

They babble a ton. Tato likes to squeal. He’s also in a convertible car seat, his “big boy chair”. But to be honest, while the newborniest stage was difficult, they are growing up too quickly. Each time I upload pictures, I glance through their earlier pictures and get all teary-eyed.

We’re having a jack-and-the-beanstalk-sized tree removed from our back yard and they brought down our cable line on Saturday. So we watched Sign With Your Baby. And although it’s a little early, we’re starting to work on sign language with them.

Beginning late last week, the RJBs have started to spend some time sitting up with support. Carpet still hates tummy time, but more than anything, she’d rather try and sit up. She’s just like me – trying to do things she’s just not prepared to do but keeps trying anyway. I pulled the FlipVideo camera out this weekend and took a couple shots of her. I think I’ve watched these a few hundred times. Since I got to work. And I laugh out loud every time.