Each evening, we have a bedtime routine that includes a bath, getting swaddled, a bottle, some snuggle time and then going down in a crib. And we can tell that those memory neurons are starting to fire because once we start swaddling Carpet, she starts sucking on her pretend bottle. Of AIR. She’ll do this until you put a burp cloth under her chin, at which time the sucking pace escalates. We think this is so cute, that we decided to film her doing this.

Except that once I turned on the camera, she just stared at the little red light that indicates the camera is on. So instead, this has become unpaid advertising for How To Wrap Your Baby In A SwaddleMe Blanket. If you’re wondering what Tato’s swaddling experience is like, we’ll be hard-pressed to ever get that on film because it takes all of my body weight to get his arms to his side and wrapping him is akin to trying to give a cat a bath.