I had all these plans to dress the kids up this weekend in something cute (which is like ANYTHING because HELLO? they are friggin’ adorable!) and take a little family picture in a patch of grass with all of us smiling and eyes looking into the camera.

But that thought was cut short when they called me from the daycare on Friday afternoon that Carpet had a fever of 101.3. And how she seemed fine, but that she had a fever. A fever. And I’m all “ok, but I’m not sure what that means. Are you saying I need to come get her?” And they’re all “oh, yes, that is definitely a FEVER.” OHHHHKAAAAAY.

And so we went home early and I’d tell you how Friday went, but I have no recollection. All I remember is by Saturday, Tato started to fuss and so out of curiosity, I took his temperature and he’s got 101. Carpet’s hasn’t gone down, but you wouldn’t know it because she’s eating and playing just fine.

And the rest of the weekend went something like this. 99.9. Crying. 101.1. Tylenol. 100.0. Crying. Whining. 101.5. Tylenol. Sleeping for 30 minutes. 100.1. Tylenol. 102.3. Tylenol. 99.9, 103.3 Tylenol. That was Tato. And because I am someone who at 12 years old got a scratch from a nail on a picnic table and it got infected and abscessed and I didn’t think it warranted telling my parents about it until I had a high fever and it almost turned to a bone infection. And then only because I was at the dinner table and wouldn’t eat and I looked ill. And after a trip to the ER, I was dangerously close to a bone infection and ended up with a hole an inch wide and an inch deep in my calf. So I kinda don’t trust myself on when to take action because my tolerance is a little high.

That afternoon, I consulted my local Mother’s Of Multiple group to see if I should call the doctor and the general concensus was HELLO, ARE YOU A MOTHER? BECAUSE A MOTHER WOULD HAVE CALLED ALREADY AND IT’S PROBABLY AN EAR INFECTION.

I called our pediatrician’s on-call number and he called back within 15 minutes. With the doctor’s consultation over two days, Tato crying unconsolably, lots of lukewarm baths, two babies with fevers that would drop and peak, and VERY. LITTLE. SLEEP. we finally got found out the reason this morning:

Tato has DOUBLE ear infections, and one perforated, probably sometime last night. Carpet has one ear infection. And they BOTH have blisters on their throat, a virus, according to the doctor. That part was a surprise to all of us. Hopefully, we’re on the mend of this twINFECTa. Our doctor thinks we’re through the worst of this round. That would be nice. So now it’s on to a round of oral antibiotics for both kids. And ear drop antibiotics for Tato’s busted eardrum. I miss my smiling, happy kiddos as evidenced by this video of Tato in their new jumparoo.

As a side note, we got their new weights today (19w6d) and Tato is weighing in at 16lb14oz and Carpet is at 15lb1oz. At their 4 month appointment (17w6d) on Aug 19 – did I communicate these stats already? – Tato was 26 1/4 inches (90th%ile) and 16lb3oz (75th%ile) and Carpet was 24 1/2 inches (55th%ile) and 14lb11oz (75th%ile).