When I got an email from a college friend that she’d be in the area with her three gorgeous sons sans working husband, I immediately made arrangements at the office to take off that afternoon to visit with them. As it was, I had only seen the boys in birth announcements and annual holiday cards and I hadn’t seen KJ in over a decade. And that realization knocked the wind out of me because had it really been that long since I was out of college? Am I really 34? Did the receptionist at my office just adress me with “m’am”? Has my nomadic self really been at the same job for SIX YEARS?

As with most any occasion, I had my camera handy. KJ wouldn’t take the picture with our tri-delta sign/pose because she thought I’d post it on the internet.


So, I had to dig in my photo albums and find one to post anyway, albeit without the handmade triangle. YOU CAN COUNT ON ME LIKE THAT. And if I was going to point her out, I’d tell you she was the one in the middle. But I have the decency to preserve some anonymity.


During our visit, each of her boys wanted to take turns holding the RJBs, and one by one they’d squeeze in on the milk couch between KJ and Matou. The middle boy was first. And being a middle child myself, I TOTALLY get where he was coming from.


At some point, the youngest boy was anxious for his turn to hold a baby. And I should interject here that kids, like many adults I know, hear something different than what is said, except when kids do it, it is often hilarious. In this case, the mis-hear was the names of our children.

He went up to his mom and said “When is it my turn to hold Carpet?” And we all kind of looked at each other with that did-you-hear-what-I-just-heard look. So KJ said to him, “Her name is _______, not Carpet.” And he replied “I know, I wanna hold Carpet.”


The next photo is of the oldest, at 9 years. I remember seeing pictures of him just days old. Sure, we think our little guy is big – wearing a lot of 6-12 month clothing – but this guy said it best when he said “He’s heavy!” I told him I felt the same way about it.


A few days later, I received an email from KJ that she had showed the boys the latest videos of the RJBs. Not only did they want to see Carpet, but they were clammoring for more Tato, too. TATO! And so it is, that the RJBs have evolved from Birdie and Bruiser to Carpet and Tato, respectively. Matou and I, of course, love it!

Carpet basking in the attention of three very sweet boys.