Last week…Thursday? Friday?…we were having a little bit of RJB time in the living room after work, talking animatedly with the kids on our laps, watching them laugh, laughing ourselves. I sneezed. One, two, three, four, five sneezes. Not loudly, but I didn’t try to hold it in either, not like I do when I have to sneeze while I’m giving one of them a bottle. Which, by the way, I think giving birth gave me allergies or something. Because I have never sneezed or had a runny nose like I have since the RJBs were born.

After the stacacto of my sneezing, it got quiet in the living room, you know, the kind of quiet between a bolt of lightning and the inevitable clap of thunder like God just went all WWE and bodyslammed the earth.

You know what? Now that I think about it, it was definitely Friday.

Well, that’s when Mater started crying. And since they’ve been in daycare, when one of them cries, it startles the other into crying. It never occurred to me that we were such a quiet and calm household that these sounds would startle them. I’m not naming names, but I can think of a few family member’s whose homes we could visit to immerse them in CRAZY. But alas, everyone lives too far away.

When the crying began, did I tell him it was ok? Did I suggest Matou take Birdie away from the room? Did I stand up and try to distract him?