“Mater” reading Curious George with Mighty Mouse Matou.

You know how you go onto the Internet and Google that thing you’ve been wanting to buy but don’t know which one to get and your search pulls up a whole litany of sites and 27 clicks, 5 pop ups, and 10 minutes later you are completely off topic looking at pictures of gout when you started out trying to find a good label maker?

Kinda the same thing happens when I go to Target for bottle liners and leave with a whole heap of unnecessary plastic objects from the dollar bins, and a Hallmark card I will certainly forget to send. BUT NO LINERS.

Well, that’s how I ended up finding a nifty website called “How Do You Do It?” – a blog where several mom’s-of-multiples tell it like it is. Are you sitting down? YOURS TRULY IS NOW A CONTRIBUTING AUTHOR. My first post (I’ll be posting on Tuesday’s. Ish.), posted yesterday, is about how we get out of the house each morning.

The beginning of what I hope to be an ever growing collection of books – HINT HINT GRANDMAS!. The bookshelf, because I know someone will ask, is a Brite Kids Book Rack that I specifically chose because the books face outwards, and because at 48 pounds, I have at least a little while before the RJBs can topple it over.

“Boo” wanted to hold and read the book herself. GOD HELP US if she ends up as stubborn and independent as I am.