Before the RJBs were born, with a very generous gift card from five of the guys I work with, we purchased a 30GB hard disk drive/SD camcorder. The intention was to have a non-tape recording device that was advanced enough, and compatible with Mac’s so that we could record video and then I could edit, splice, and set to music and all kinds of things you think you’ll be able to do before you have infants in the house. WHICH IS A COMPLETE FALLACY. Because once they are born, you figure out that if it can’t be done in ten minutes or less, it isn’t gonna happen.

So about a month ago, I purchase a very affordable Flip Video Ultra to take quick video that would be easy to upload to a computer and send to family, friends, and post here on my blog. Well, this weekend, I finally got the chance to take it out of the box and try it out.

Here’s one of Bruiser in his morning giggles.

Except that was in the afternoon. Which is unusual because in the afternoons he much prefers MELTDOWNS. Like the one last night where he worked himself up into so much of a windstorm that he threw up as he was getting swaddled. On the silk duvet cover. Bedtime, take two.

This next video is of Birdie chirping shortly after we got her up and out of her pajamas. She ‘talks’ a lot these days and we can’t wait to understand what it is that she’s saying.

And this last video is of both Birdie and Bruiser as Matou and I were getting ready for church. We had just returned from a walk and had stripped them down to diapers before we got them dressed. We set up a few toys in the bedroom to entertain them while we got ourselves ready and it gives you an idea of what they’re like in real-time.

The quality of the video and audio is actually very decent on playback directly from the device and onto your TV/computer. For the purpose that I bought it, it’s excellent, and I expect I’ll be adding it to my RJB Must Have’s List. Just one more way that we’ll be sharing the RJBs’ growing up time.