Yesterday afternoon, I took these pictures of the kiddles. It was the first time we had taken pictures where they are both awake and looking at the camera.

They are fourteen weeks today. FOURTEEN. That’s more than one-third of the time that I spent pregnant. Which got me curious to know what was going on fourteen weeks before their birth. That was January 9 and I was twenty-three weeks pregnant, staying at work late so I could feel the RJBs kick. And now here we are 14 weeks on the outside taking a picture of Bruiser (l) and Birdie (r) together. Daily, I trip over the wonder of being blessed with these little miracles.


Except they are not so little anymore. Birdie is weighing in at 13lb4oz and Bruiser is a sturdy 15lb0z. We’ve stored away all of their 0-3 month clothes, although they can both still wear certain brands’ three month threads. Birdie is comfortably in 3-6 month clothes though we do have to roll up the pants at the waist a bit. Bruiser, in the picture above, is wearing a certain brand’s 6-TWELVE MONTH collared onesie. At this rate, they will be wearing their winter clothes by October and their next spring clothes at Christmas.

Birdie is assigned the task of finishing off the Size 1 diapers that we have. We excused Bruiser from this assignment after frequent protests – in the form of poop exploding up the back of his too-short diapers. He’s been testing our Size 1-2 diapers for a while. We have one box left of a hundred-and-something Size 1-2’s, but in twinland, that means the supply will be exhausted in about 15 days. Just in time for Size 2’s. SIZE TWO’S!

So much for thinking that twins would result in smaller babies.