We have Stations all over the upstairs of our house.  This is what happens when a baby enters your home life.  Oh, the baby stuff manufacturer’s TOTALLY advertise and market to the future parent who thinks that they can “blend” the baby stuff into the decor of their homes, but as a new parent, I am here to tell you what prospective parents need to know and what parents keep secret: THEY ARE LYING.  You can earthtone up a pack-n-play or a papasan or a diaper changing station.  But when the diaper changing station, Station #1 by the way, sits on your dining table, THAT IS NOT BLENDING.

table 002.jpg
That was then: this is what we used to do with the dining table.

This is now: diapers and wipeys and burp clothes galore!

Not that we mind exactly.  I mean seriously, I look at these two in Station #4 and Station #1,076 and it makes me wish they made car seats and papasans big enough for baby AND parent for how snuggly they look.  


Five weeks old. Moose in the car seat, station #1,076..

Five weeks old. Birdie in the papasan. And the swing PLUGS INTO THE WALL!.

I’m discovering there are reasons parents don’t tell prospective parents about these kinds of things. These things of Your House Is Overcome By Gear With Animals And Primary Colors and You Want Me To Stick What WHERE?  But let’s call it like it is here: the newborn period is otherwise known as Hazing.  It’s us being initiated into the sorority of Parenthood and the Newborns giving you a little taste of the sleep you won’t get during their adolescence for the rest of your lives.  Parents could tell you about the hard stuff, but that part of their memories is a blur.  

It’s only when you’re on the phone with your sister balling your eyes out that you can’t get your child to stop crying that they say “oh, yeah, I remember those days now.”  And you know you are going to have to drink a keg of tears when her response to your question of “how did you deal with it?” is “do you want the truth or the sugar-coated version?”  

Being a Tri Delta was SO MUCH EASIER.