Back when I announced the RJB birthweight/birthday contest, selecting a winner based on three variables sent waves of discomfort through me not unlike sticking a paperclip inside an electrical socket.  It was like breaking the golden rule of Statistics 101.  Isolate the effin’ variables people! And solve for X!  

But having a baby makes EVERYTHING variable.  Like when you, the adult, might eat or pee or sleep or scratch your nose.  You might have to pee at 9am, and then not get to until noon.  Or lunch might be your dinner appetizer.  Heck, you can’t even necessarily isolate the variable of a poo-poo diaper.  Just when you think they are ready for the diaper change, green poo comes out of their cute little butts like toothpaste – on the NEW diaper you had just put under them.  And having two babies makes the variability exponential.  

As I was trying to fall asleep last night, I started thinking about how I’d go about selecting a winner.  Because, really, how do you define “closest” in “closest to the RJBs birth date and birth weights”?  But that’s the advantage of putting on a contest: I get to make up the rules.  In all fairness to your consciousness, however, I will spare you the process that I came up with.  And also because it would confirm my geekiness because maybe, just maybe I weighted the variables and considered a bell curve and standard deviations.  Which is the same as EXERCISE FOR MY BRAIN so it doesn’t turn into the stuff coming out the RJBs bottoms.  Instead, I’ll just say…

THE WINNER IS INDIGOSCOT!  iTunes giftcard headed your way.  

Thanks to all who participated!