In my mind, racing in between the million thoughts of short-term disability payments, when the next feeding time is, how we’ll survive when my mom leaves, is-it-reflux?, come-on-baby,-poop, how blessed we are, getting used to the new tired, is at least three posts thusfar, obviously, none of them written. One is their birth story. Which by the way, was now a blurry and blissful EIGHTEEN DAYS ago. My how time already flies.

The RJBs had their first pediatric appointment last Thursday, April 24. Eight days after birth, Birdie was 2 ounces from her birth weight and Bruiser was 4 ounces from his. Not that anyone is worried about his weight. He’s doing just fine. In fact, he doesn’t like to go a full three hours between meals all the time. And he doesn’t like to be wet. Or dirty. Everything I read during pregnancy talked about “cues”. Not Bruiser. He goes zero to ninety with one or two ear-piercing hollers. That’s your first warning that he’s hungry/wet/dirty. He might then promptly fall back asleep. Just a warning call, he says.

Kung Fu Bruiser, 05.03.08.

Birdie is a little more patient. She’ll squirm, and root, or make faces. For the smaller of the two, she is much louder in grunts, breathing, squirming. The noises she makes she’d put a grown man passing a large BM to shame. And she eats like she’ll never get food again. We try and assure her that her brother won’t take her food anymore, but she is yet to be convinced. And thus sometimes spits up. The rest is going to her belly, or her hamster-cheek stores. Birdie seems to suit her with all the squeaking she does.

Kung Fu Birdie, 05.03.08.

Let’s see, what else …Oh, I ran into another twin mom at Babies-R-Us today. I was there on a sanity trip (aka, get out of the house and breathe some fresh air). So was she. We both had hats on – well, me in my do-rag. Both of us with significant other’s at work, both of us with our mom’s at home with the babies.

Five days after birth I had lost 26 of my 42 pounds. Eating is hard to remember to do. And then eating is more of a chore and so I’m just not hungry. Today, I’m five pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, because I’m the first to admit my nutritional attention has been lax. It just is what it is. Anyway, I’m spanish, and spanish people love their food, so I’m sure it’s only temporary.

The c-section was much less a big deal than I expected it to feel. Sure my energy stores are lower, but the soreness I had anticipated never really happened at the intensity I had read about. Or maybe having twice the distraction has kept me otherwise preoccupied. I slept on my belly last night – first time in ten months. It was awesome.

Hear that? That’s someone’s three-hour cue calling.