This space leads to the postage-stamp sized back yard. It used to be the “office” area – where we kept the desk and my computer and one of the bookshelves, these items now in the guest room. You can see this through the blur that has been The Beloved during most of this pregnancy.

In this photo, she had sanded a section of the concrete floor and was prepping to re-stain. Obviously, this is taken prior to the space being cleared and re-distributed into the guest room.


After the room had been re-stained and sealed, we put the desk back in this space to make room in the chaotic storage guest room for some of the baby shower items since the nursery, too, was still in disarray.


And we thought about leaving it like that. But another thing I get from my genetic predisposition is to move furniture around more than necessary.   Plus, our home is shotgun style and we have homes on either side of us by the same builder, all of six feet separating the homes – so ambient light is a scarce commodity. And this space gets nice, warm natural light during the day so we started moving items from the nursery, some which we had purchased at our local area mothers of multiples garage sale, like the papasan swing and bouncer.

And as you can see, smack dab in the middle, is one of our dogs staking claim to the transforming space. Probably eye-balling the diaper champ, figuring a way to break into it when there’s yummy poopie diapers.


And it was a decent start, but we really wanted to put an area rug down, something plushy enough for tummy time, but sturdy enough to withstand the ins-and-outs of being entry to an exterior door, something easy to clean, but also fun. And I don’t know about you, but have you priced out rugs? They are either way too expensive, way too fugly, or not in the color/pattern/size that you really want.

I had seen where Dooce had talked about how much she loved her modular rugs, so we ended up getting some samples of different textures and colors and decided on Stripe A Pose for its fun and whimsical colors.

Over time, I plan to hang pictures of the RJBs in this space, too. But for now, this is the end result.