The guestroom didn’t change a whole lot.  But while The Beloved was restaining and sealing concrete floors, it became the storage/holding space as shown here…



But after the floors were done, it was time to put things in some kind of order. Particularly since my mom was coming to stay my birthday weekend, and, well, the couch is horribly uncomfortable. So I started measuring stuff and making sure we could fit the items in the room.


Especially the desk and bookshelf, because we now had other plans for that office space. And thankfully, everything would fit, albeit a tight fit. The final pictures are the result.


This room has now gone from a guest room to a guest room slash office, albeit one without cable.  Who builds a house without a cable outlet in every room?  But this is just one of those things from the List Of Things To Do that didn’t get done.  Up there with Didn’t Get The Windows Cleaned or Didn’t Pressure Wash The Outside Stairs.