Dear RaJenBabies,

Here we are: 35 weeks. Provided there are no unforeseen complications, we are past the NICU redzone, which would mean, hopefully, no extended stay there should you come soon. Thanks be to God.

Yesterday, Matou called me on her way to work and said “do you realize that we’re going to have two babies in 21 or less days?” Yep, it’s not long now, week-to-week, in fact.

RaJen at Easter Service
Matou and Mommy at Easter Service; photo courtesy of T. Garrison.

Tomorrow, we get to see you on the RJB-TV, possibly for the last time. So we plan to treasure those 30-40 minutes as we watch you move around in the womb. Because soon, you won’t be as well-contained or on low volume anymore. You know what else I’ll miss? Feeling you move around in my belly at all hours of the day and night. Lately, we can feel the true outlines of arms and elbows and knees and backs and heads. You are that big. And Matou and I spend time each evening just rubbing your noggin’s and patting your bums and telling you how much we love you.


I know quarters are really tight in there, and I’m sorry for that. I mean, I’m so happy that you have grown so well, but I feel guilty that you are so smushed.


Soon, when you are born, we’ll give you all the space you need to stretch and grow and explore this world. And as you grow up, we hope you will do that with confidence, knowing that Matou and me will always shelter you with our love and never be more than a held hand or a an encouraging word, or a hug away. Ever.

You have been conceived in prayer and you are so loved,

Mommy and Matou


WANNA PLAY A GAME? We’ll send an iTunes giftcard to the person closest to both the RJBs birth date AND their birth weights – without going over, kinda like the Price Is Right. As a point of reference, at Week 32, Eagle was measuring 5lb1oz and Birdie was measuring 4lb8oz. Oh, and the scheduled c-section date is April 21 (37w4d), if we get that far. Good luck to the playa’sl