Dear RaJenBabies,

We celebrated your first Easter this week.  And since it was such a Holy Day, we went to the “big” service at church – the one where the choir wears the loose swaddle blankets and the hymns resonate with the sound of angels.  And boy did you both like that part!  Birdie, you especially liked the trombone, and Eagle, not surprisingly, you were beating in tune with the timpani drum.

We usually go to the Contemplative Service at 8:30 and most of the people we know are just waking up around then.  So it was nice to see Uncle Alan and Uncle Mike and visit with the G-Family.  I held Grant for a bit.  He is almost a year old but is wearing 2T clothing.  Eagle, we have some of his hand-me-downs in your closet.  


We are almost ready for your arrival, but we continue to be grateful that you haven’t made any effort to enter the world early.  The honeycomb shades for your room should be coming in early next week.  Everything is washed and put away – sort of. We’ve got diaper stations upstairs and downstairs – sort of mostly.


I’m working my last couple days at the office this week and then I’ll be working from home until you come.  In the meantime, you just keep growing, maturing your lungs and central nervous system, putting on some baby fat.  We love you!

Growing for us more to kiss on with each day,

Mommy and Matou