Dear RaJenBabies,

It’s 3:50 a.m. I have been fortunate enough to not have a lot of issues with sleeping, save the part of getting in a comfortable position. But I woke up to pee at 2am and this one song by Daughtry is in my head, except not the whole song, just the first sentence of the first verse. And I don’t even know the words, so I’m going na-nah-na-nah-na-na-nahnah-na-na-nah-na-nah-na-nanah-na-nahnah-nuh-na-nahnah-na-na-nah-nah-na-nuh-nuhnuh over and over again. And my belly was grumbling so much that I had to come into the kitchen to get a handful of Quaker Oat Squares to quiet it. Which led me to respond to a couple emails, which lead me to writing this post.

Another week gone by. Another precious week on the inside, developing, growing. This week, you are somewhere between 17 and 18 inches. And let me get my calculator, wow, that’s 3 feet worth of babies inside me, my little giant tapeworms. We will see the doctor later today and I’ll get put on the Labor Lie Detector Test-that thing that tells the doctor what is REALLY going on and my own answer of Oh Everything Is Great is not even listened to. I meant to pack my hospital bag last night, because I figured if I was Prepared, then I wouldn’t need it. And that’s still the goal right now.


I know I say this all the time, but Matou is phenomenal. She works and then she works overtime at home, taking care of the three of us, and the two dogs, and the whole house. She makes dinner just about every night. She does the laundry. She gives my hip massages like the physical therapist showed her. She runs our errands. All I do is give her lists and she gets it all done, with no complaints. Provided you have some patience in your personalities, I’ll claim that you got that osmosisly honest from Matou.

I move a LOT slower these days. When I stand up, my body goes through a rebooting process reminding my hips and legs that they can and should move and rotate. I have never had such worthy pain or discomfort. You will be worth so worth it! And when you are teenagers and I don’t know how to respond to your adolescence, I’ll be able to desperately holler “do you know what I went through for you?” And you’ll say “I didn’t ASK you to!” and it’ll be textbook teen years and that little bit right there will make me somehow feel like I did something right.


I am winding down at work – I’ll stop at the end of the month – that’ll put us through to just about 35 weeks – and take a couple weeks to focus on resting and growing you before we get to meet you on the outside. Until then, I’m keeping my mental legs crossed. Unless you decide to make your own grand entrance. But if you do resort to that kind of dramatics, I’m going to say that you got that feature more strongly from Matou’s side of the family.

Lately, the two of you have created an Octupus Zone in the middle of my belly. I call it this because, Eagle, your head is down, bum pointing out to my left and limbs toward my button. And Birdie, you are head up, bum out to the right, and limbs toward my button, too. So when you two are snuzzling in or exercising, there are 8 limbs moving in the midst of my belly and we can’t figure out who is who. It’s just one Octupus in there.

Matou and I are going to figure out how to use our new video camera that the guys at work gave me and we’re going to record the movement and post it for viewing.

Loving every bit of you both,

Mommy and Matou