Dear RaJenBabies,

Here we are at thirty-two weeks and I am in bed giving a try at this “resting” thing. A message you haven’t received, what with the undercurrents of limbs moving across the expanding sea of my belly.

Our doctor said that my belly is TERM size. Which proves the statement made in one of the books that I read – that twin mom’s tend to look 6-8 weeks further along than they are. And do you know why we are on the high side of that estimate? Because you are HUGE!

Little Eagle, you are a whoppin’ 5lb1oz and baby Birdie, you are not to far behind at 4lb8oz. Still running a couple weeks ahead of schedule and at this point, if we make it to our ‘term’, you’ll be 6 pounders at birth. But the doctor did say, since you are as big as you are, my body may decide at any time that it’s had enough and we’ll do this thing called pre-term labor. And she said she won’t stop it once we’re past thirty-two weeks. Which means that you’d possibly come sooner than we expected. But listen, we’ll handle it, ok? We have good doctors and good facilities and good sherpas and it’s all going to be ok, no matter what.


In other good news, we found out your cousin Putter is going to be a girl! So with E! and her sister, Sara (in your aunt’s belly), that makes FOUR girls and ONE boy in this batch of chickies from my side of the familia.

Two weeks ago?  That pain in my side? Well, after the ultrasound we have an idea as to what was happening that day: Flipped a Birdie. You went breech on us. Guess you finally had it with your brother kicking at you all the time. So it looks like we’ll be scheduling a c-section now.

You are both active and seemingly comfortable in your tight quarters. Birdie, you are head up and your face is nuzzled up toward and against my spine with your feet massaging my bladder. And Mr. Eagle, you are head down against my cervix, limbs toward my barf box belly button.

Just like you have a birthday coming up in about five weeks or less? I had my birthday, too. I turned 1,768 weeks on Saturday. And your Grandma G was here to celebrate it. You know what else she did? She washed all your 0-3 month clothes and organized your room and put all your things in logical parenty places. Which should make sense to me with as many weeks as I turned, but I’ll be really honest with you, RJBs, we don’t have a clue. So go easy on us without an instruction manual, ok?


Our doctor said the three of us are doing very well, and that was great news to hear. Next week we go have a non-stress test, which I call the Labor Lie Detector test – because I can say whatever I want to the doctor, but once you’re strapped in to that monitor, they know what is really going on and there’s not much room for negotiation.   

Holding on tightly,

Mommy and Matou