It’s been nearly a week since I posted, which is completely abnormal for me.  But I still go around talking to myself in my head – it’s the only way I keep memories for more than, say, three days.  It’s just been an alternatingly busy and tired week, but with mostly busy.

My mom flew into town on Friday evening, delayed plane and all. Which was fine, because it gave the Beloved and I an opportunity to get a Frosty.  And that was a good memory, except the part when the Beloved suggested we get a medium one and share it.  Um, excuse me…NO.

When we picked my mom up, she was already a bit sick, allergies thrown in for good measure, but we visited until too late and went off to bed. Saturday morning, we roused mom at 6:30am – she’s not used to the hours we keep – and we went off to a local mom’s of multiples garage sale to get some clothing for the RJBs (we found a couple items) while the Beloved went off to work.  When we got home, we started on the sorting and washing of baby laundry.  I seriously did not think we she had THAT much to do, but the machines were going ALL. DAY. LONG.  

My mom has this habit of repeating herself repeating herself repeating herself. Like how she told us four times “you should have the car seats installed, like LAST WEEK”, but maybe that’s her way of remembering?  By the end of the weekend, she had blamed claimed she was allergic to the dogs, nevermind that they have stayed at her house FOR YEARS. But between the laundry and the organizing and the unpackaging we’ll forgive her the it’s-gotta-be-the-dogs dramatics since she friggin’ ROCKED the house, helping get the nursery finished off.

So happens this was also the weekend of MAMU, short for Middle-America Meet-Up. And with my mom here and it being my 34th birthday and having limited energy and the Beloved working, I mostly felt like this about my participation with the MAMU…


But what a joyous peeking-in-from-the-periphery it was, even if it was only a drop-by at the dinner! It was such a gift to meet several folks – and see a few we had already met – with whom we’ve shared journeys, first introduced via a chatroom which has now been infiltrated by a handful of crazies nearly two years ago.

Nevertheless, meeting MichellAradia, Ava, and Big J; Heather and Dalton; Cora & Ethan; Tracey and sistah Deb; Sarah and Xander; and Marcy and Kristy and getting to see B & K and Deena – and meeting her hot husband, Vince! – again was a fabulous way to wind down the birthday. I was glad that the Beloved and my mom got a chance to meet them, too, since I talk about these ladies as if I’ve known them forever, which after being with them for even an hour, it’s exactly how it felt.

The whole experience, ever since talk first stirred about even having a MAMU, the song Travelin’ Through has come to mind. Just this afternoon, I went and looked up the lyrics to the tune and thought YEP, THAT’S ALL OF US, well, minus the trangendered circumstances. But then again, I wasn’t at the teqkillya festivities later that night, so WHO KNOWS what conversations transpired then! Have a listen if you get a moment, chances are, the song might speak to whatever journey YOU might be on.

In closing, I leave you with a few pictures from the dinner.

What She Said
What she said.

Ken & Barbie
Muy Caliente, people!”

Yummy x 3
Yummy x 3.

And They Were Sober
…and they were sober for a little while longer.

Made It On Their Horse & Carriage
Made it to town on their horse and carriage.