Got to my polling station moments before it closed. Me and the RJBs doing our civic duty. Hung around for caucusing. I still don’t understand how it all works here in Texas; makes me wish I would have paid more attention in those classes in high school – was it Texas History?  Texas Government?  I don’t recall.   To me, it seems like I just got to vote twice, or maybe one of each in case I was undecided.


Got scolded by an elderly election clerk after taking this picture inside. Apparently, the empty booths have privacy rights, too.

And I’ll just go ahead and go all politico-cynical and say that I think we’re handing the presidency to McCain. Know why? Because I don’t think the United States is ready for a female or a black man to be in the Oval Office. Misogyny and racism are deep and ugly undercurrents that run rampant. So it’ll go to a 72-year old. Of course, for the sake of preserving some civil liberties, it is my hope that I am proven utterly wrong.