Friday morning, as I was driving to work, I was saying my morning prayers.  Something I learned from the Beloved.  And as a bonus, it helps one not get worked up while sitting in traffic.  Because it’s hard to be pissy and self-righteous when you are in the midst of giving thanks. 

And that’s what I was doing.  Giving thanks for our neighbors for what they did for me on Thursday.  That morning, I was in so much pain, that I couldn’t finish getting ready for work.  And instead, I crawled back into bed, all cold sweats and shaky, to try and sleep it off.  That didn’t work. 

By 10:15am, the pain had not subsided at all.  So, despite my best efforts to not be one of those women, I called the doctor’s office and left a message.  I typically have a pretty high tolerance for pain, so either it was a lot of pain, or I was having an uncharacteristically wimpy day. 

I knew I needed to eat lunch, but had no energy to make anything, much less get out of bed.  So I sent a text to the back neighbors, who often go home for lunch to check on their pups.  The same neighbors who can see the deplorable condition of our ungroomed, over-weeded back yard and STILL LOVE US. And despite them having plans, they said they’d bring me some lunch anyway.  Is that not SO SWEET?  Our neighbor brought me lunch and was setting it up on the tray for me in the bed when the nurse called me back.  She wanted me in.   

Having overheard this, and correctly assuming that I wasn’t really in any condition to drive myself, our neighbor cancelled her own appointment and drove me to mine. 

As it turns out, all is fine.  Had my first 3rd trimester pelvic exam – completely uncomfortable, but over before I knew it.  They put me on the monitors during which time I learned the RJBs DO NOT like being confined (they get THAT honest!) as they were trying to kick the dopplers off the entire time.  I was having some contractions, but nothing out of the ordinary.  And my cervix was closed.  I did have some blood in my urine, typically indicative of a bladder infection, but I’ll learn more when the culture results come in.  And the fetal fibronectin swab came up negative, meaning I am not at risk for pre-term labor, at least not in the next couple weeks. 

At the end, the doctor said “unfortunately, I think one of the babies is likely sitting on a nerve that’s causing the pain.”  But my response was that that was GREAT news, because for me, the pain is relatively temporary.  The fortunate thing about that diagnosis is that (a) the RJBs are doing well, and that (b) I’m not currently at risk for pre-term labor. DID YOU HEAR THAT, MOM?

And I am grateful for having wonderful, loving neighbors – without whom I could not have made it through the day – that helped me, took the dogs out, fed me, drove me to the doctor, and tucked me back in bed.