Dear RaJenBabies,

I am so proud of you both for reaching this milestone.  And relieved.  Of course, we still have more work, more growing, more resting to do, but things are progressing well.

We had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, but it was mostly just a check-up on me.  I think taking the extra iron has helped me feel a little better, or maybe it’s that I grounded myself this past weekend and didn’t let myself leave the bed much and had our taxes to do to keep me occupied.  Mr. Eagle, your heartrate was a steady 158 and Little Miss Birdie, your heartrate was an excited 166.  We’ll get to see you on the RJB-TV in a couple of weeks and we’re looking forward to it. 

Even though we haven’t seen you in two weeks, we can tell you are growing because you feel different from the outside.  Like BIGGER.  Matou and I can feel a knee or a bottom or a back at times.  And it’s a pretty interesting to watch what seems to be a tennis ball move slowly across the underneath of my belly.  The space I have to give is not keeping up with the space you need to grow.  So I can also tell/feel that you are moving outwards a bit.  And I can feel my abdominal wall stretching to accomodate your movements.  It hurts at times, but it is also special to know that the two of you are making yourselves comfortable in the kangaroo pouch that I can provide. 

Matou finished the floors this week!  The house is quite in disarray because of it, and it’s pretty cluttered in general as we move things around to where we want them to be.  But by the end of this weekend, the furniture will be back in its proper place, maybe with a few changes on what goes where.  We have about two more weeks worth of work to do at the house, general spring cleaning stuff that has to happen anyway, and then I think we’ll breath a big sigh of relief. 

For now, every evening when we sit together to watch a TV show or just talk, we both lay our hands on you and we just sigh and sigh over our drippy love for the two of you.


Mommy and Matou